Human Capital Tranformation Webinar

Human Capital Transformation and a good score on the BEE Management Control Scorecard are not necessarily the same thing. In this session we’ll unpack the aspects which are necessary to address to move beyond BEE and Employment Equity compliance to a change in the behaviour of the relevant stakeholders which will facilitate sustainable Human Capital Transformation

Course details

Date: 17 August 2021
Time: 09h00 – 11h00
Cost: FREE

Frik Boonzaaier

Senior Human Capital Consultant

Frik has a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Research Psychology. He has dedicated the past 17 years to assisting businesses in the management of their people. He is well positioned on the Senior BEESA Transformation Consulting Team as a Senior Human Capital Consultant.

Topics Covered

1.Transactional vs Transformational BEE.

2.Whose behaviour needs to change?

3.Brief overview of the ADKAR Change Management Model.

4.Transformation Organogram.

5.The Human Capital Transformation Framework.


Please note: The content presented is designed to address the challenges of generic companies. QSE and EMS companies are not covered in this session.

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