BEE Ownership Webinar

We dive into the Ownership element and explore its complexity. Get an overview of the challenges and gain conclusions on how to best approach Ownership.

Course details

Date: 22 July 2021
Time: 09h00 – 11h00
Cost: FREE

Andrew Bizzell

Transformation Director

Andrew has a BSc in Business Studies from Oxford Brookes University and is one of the founders of BEESA.  He is also the founder of the Institute of Enterprise Development, a non-profit solution to provide financial and non-financial support to qualifying enterprise development beneficiaries.

Topics Covered

1.Ownership Scorecard

2.The 7 Ownership Structure Options

3.The 8 Ownership Partner Options

4.The 4 Ownership financing Options

5.The 4 Professional Inputs required for a transaction

6.How to use the Ownership Service Desk

7.This webinar will cover critical new information from the B-BBEE Commissioner on acceptable practices and Fronting Practice risk.


Please note: The content presented is designed to address the challenges of generic companies. QSE and EMS companies are not covered in this session.

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