BEE Ownership Webinar

The Chairman of the BEE Chamber will be hosting a 1.5 hour webinar on ownership under the B-BBEE Act and Codes of Good Practice.

Course details

Date:13 May 2021
Time:09h00 – 11h00

Andrew Bizzell

Transformation Director

Andrew has a BSc in Business Studies from Oxford Brookes University and is one of the founders of BEESA.  He is also the founder of the Institute of Enterprise Development, a non-profit solution to provide financial and non-financial support to qualifying enterprise development beneficiaries.

Topics Covered

1.Ownership Scorecard

2.The 7 Ownership Structure Options

3.The 8 Ownership Partner Options

4.The 4 Ownership financing Options

5.The 4 Professional Inputs required for a transaction

6.How to use the Ownership Service Desk

7.This webinar will cover critical new information from the B-BBEE Commissioner on acceptable practices and Fronting Practice risk.

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