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    In the complex environment of B-BBEE, Consulting must be split into Transactional B-BBEE and Transformational B-BBEE. These are not the same but both are essential to make B-BBEE work for your business.


Transactional & Transformational B-BBEE

There are actually two very different types of B-BBEE; Transactional B-BBEE and Transformational B-BBEE. They are both vital and necessary in making B-BBEE work under the Amended Codes of Good Practice.

Transactional B-BBEE is all about BEE points scoring and how an organisation extracts its B-BBEE data and the supporting documentation. Consulting on this level provides structured support to allow for optimised B-BBEE claims. At BEESA Business Services we break this into Packaged Solutions for predictable results and Specialised Ad Hoc solutions tailor-made to your needs.

Transformational B-BBEE is the change that is required in order to produce and manage the data and documentation to sustainably secure B-BBEE points. Consulting on this level looks a diversity and change management support on the most advanced levels.

Transactional B-BBEE

Packaged Solutions

B-BBEE Score Consulting is the foundational level of BEESA Business Services’ packaged consulting solutions.

Our experience in this market allows us to build highly workable, cost effective and repeatable processes to address all manner of B-BBEE scenarios. From simple to complex, BEESA’s Score Consulting products put you into the driving seat and in control of B-BBEE.

I would like to thank and compliment the BEESA team for successfully steering Bateman Africa through its B-BBEE audit. We decided relatively late to engage BEESA rather than renew the retainer contract we had with another consultancy and I believe that decision was vindicated both by the professionalism and responsiveness of the team and by the resultant confidence with which we were able to approach our audit.

Mike Deeks
Managing Director – Bateman Africa

We were pleased with the wide range of strategic options presented by BEESA and the detailed discussion that ensued thereon. The fact that each option included costs and specific action points was very helpful. The management company is in a much better position, after considering all the options and on the way forward with regard to the implementation of the B-BBEE strategy to achieve the desirable score.

Omer Iqbal
Chief Financial Officer – Flexible Packages Convertors

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Specialised Ad Hoc Solutions

While businesses tend to have the similar basic operational requirements they all face very personal B-BBEE challenges that often require the services of a specialist. BEESA Business Services’ team of Senior Consultants are experts in each of the  specific elements of B-BBEE.

Where a packaged solution will not bring the optimum results then a specialist will step in to address the gaps.
Whether you require in depth Ownership structuring or Employment Equity Plan development or just foundational training on filing the necessary reports for compliance to the SETA’s, BEESA’s Specialised Consultants will help to resolve your more advanced Transactional B-BBEE requirements.

BEESA went above and beyond what was expected. Without their input we would not have improved on our scorecard. Going forward we will always use BEESA for any BEE related matters.

James Kingsley
Director – Fresh To Go

Implementing or even putting together a Transformation plan seemed like such a humungous task until BEESA made it look like a possibility. After a brilliant presentation and practical suggestions, this mountain has been broken down into molehills. Thank you for your professionalism and sensitivity towards client’s needs and fears.

Khosi Makhathini
Legal Manager – Easigas

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Transformational B-BBEE

Integrated Sustainable BEE

Here we address diversity management and how a company pro-actively uses the B-BBEE framework to achieve optimum performance and productivity from an ever increasingly diverse workforce and supply chain.

For the better part of a decade BEESA Business Services’ consultants has developed its flagship product called Integrated Sustainable BEE (ISBEE). This fully embracive programme addresses the myriad of challenges that are specific to the corporate and multi-national market. This programme includes the use of BEESA Business Services’ Action, Compliance and Assurance Frameworks while being guided by a dedicated Transformation Consulting team to create an effective change management environment.

Thank you for the great B-BBEE Strategic Target Setting Sessions we had this year. It changed my world completely. Thank you.

Thomas Schaefer
Managing Director – Volkswagen South Africa

BEESA went above and beyond what was expected.

Without their input we would not have improved on our scorecard. Going forward we will always use BEESA for any BEE related matters.

Director – Fresh To Go – James Kingsley

Bluechip Clients

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