BEESA Free Info Session ISBEE-01

Linking BEE Points to Transformation

A FREE Info Session providing you with solutions on how to maximise your BEE Points

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Date: 01 September 2017
Time: 08h30 for 09h00 – 11h30
Venue: BEESA Business Services,
05 Sherborne Road,
Unit 03 Sherborne Square,
Off Jan Smuts Avenue, Parktown
Cost: FREE

Frik Boonzaaier

Senior Human Capital Consultant

Frik has a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Research Psychology. He has dedicated the past 15 years to assisting businesses in the management of their people. He is well positioned on the Senior BEESA Transformation Consulting Team as a Senior Human Capital Consultant.

  • One of the most regular issues raised by delegates during sessions we present which touch on the topic of Transformation, is the lack of involvement of all who impact the B-BBEE score. Leadership and Line Management typically see the responsibility for the B-BBEE points as that of the B-BBEE Manager, with some involvement from Human Resources and Supply Chain personnel expected.There are numerous people throughout the organisation who make daily decisions which affect the B-BBEE score. In most companies the majority of employees don’t know the importance of the roles they play in the sustainability of the B-BBEE level, and therefore also the sustainability of the company.Roles and responsibilities are typically not clear and even confusing. Even if the roles and responsibilities have been clarified, the responsible people often have non-desirable responses – they put their heads in the sand (ignorant ostriches), resist the change (lone wolves), or don’t know how to implement the necessary change (eager beavers).


  1. B-BBEE then and now.
  2. Who contributes to the points daily?
  3. EAP Transformation Pillars.
  4. The role of Change Management in Transformation.
  5. The non-desirable attitudes of the responsible people.
  6. How to overcome non-desirable attitudes.

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