Managing People Through EAP

The new Economically Active Population Targets explained in detail along with practical approaches

Course details

Date: 22 February 2017
Time: 9h00 – 15h00
Venue: BEESA Business Services,
05 Sherborne Road,
Unit 03 Sherborne Square,
Off Jan Smuts Avenue, Parktown
Cost: R3,000 ex VAT

Frik Boonzaaier

Senior Human Capital Consultant

Frik has a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Research Psychology. He has dedicated the past 15 years to assisting businesses in the management of their people. He is well positioned on the Senior BEESA Transformation Consulting Team as a Senior Human Capital Consultant.

One of the biggest shifts in B-BBEE is the alignment of targets to the national targets of the Economically Active Population or EAP. This is a move away from the previous broad requirement of Black participation and further defines the specific needs of the country. This has a major impact on people management within the business and the larger the business.


  1. The Transformational requirements and implications resulting from the newly Amended Skills Development and Management Control Elements of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice
  2. The shift away from ‘Human Resources Business-as-Usual’
  3. The shift to EAP Management in terms of Employment Equity, Skills Development, Pipeline Management, Succession Planning, Retention Management and other HR processes
  4. An overview of how to manage EAP strategically by cascading responsibility to all decision-makers (i.e. Hiring Managers, Line Managers, etc.)
  5. A look into the necessary compliance measures needed to support the EAP Strategy
  1. What behaviour needs to change related to B-BBEE
  2. EAP Targets and Calculation
  3. Whose behaviour needs to change
  4. The Change Process
  5. Resistance to change
  6. Creating desire to change
  7. Best Practice related to Performance Enhancement
  8. Performance contracts as a means to create desire to change
  9. Key aspects to consider when determining performance contract contents
  10. Other ways to create desire to change
  11. Conclusion

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