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B-BBEE Manager Course

Learn how to become a top level B-BBEE Manager through our intensive training package.

Course details

Date: 02, 03, 09, 10, 16, 17, 27 & 28 November 2017
Time: 08h30 – 16h00
33 Martin Hammersclag Way, 4th Floor, Foreshore, Cape Town
Cost: R35 000 ex VAT

Lynne Strauss

Head of the BEE Academy

Lynne is an accomplished BEE Consultant with over 6 years in the BEE Audit environment and 4 years as a Senior Analyst and B-BBEE Technical Consultant. Lynne now holds the position of BEE Training Manager as well as BEESA’s own internal Learning and Development Manager.

Are you serious about B-BBEE application within your business…

This 8 Day course will address:

  • Technical Foundational knowledge for the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice
  • Technical know-how on how to create your own company’s data and evidence files
  • Practical Application through simulated case studies to test and gain better insight into implementation
  • Insight into address business and operational obstacles in the application of B-BBEE

B-BBEE Manager Course Detail:

BEESA has compiled its Score Management Consulting intellectual property into a single course targeted directly at business professionals who have been tasked with the difficult challenge of managing B-BBEE scoring in their business.

Clients have been asking us for this course for some time and we finally have it available for you in May of 2017.

With over a decade of direct experience in the market allowing us to be awarded Top B-BBEE Consultancy 2 years running we want to empower your team to handle the technical challenges of B-BBEE right the first time.

This 8 day intensive course will run over the course of 2 months to allow for both theoretical and practical interaction of the attendees.

DAY 1 – Introduction Module:

  • The driving purpose behind B-BBEE
  • Key principles of the Amended Codes of Good Practice
  • Where B-BBEE fits into a business
  • The role of the DTI, SANAS and Verification Agencies
  • Verification Agency Staff Structure
  • How are interpretation issues are created
  • Training on SmartScore software system which will be used during the practical activities

DAY 2 – Ownership Module:

DAY 3 – Skills Development Module:

DAY 4 – Preferential Procurement Module:

Day 5 – Enterprise & Supplier Development & Social Economic Development Module:

Day 6 – Management Control Module:

  • Technical understanding of the specific element under the New Codes
  • How to identify the required supporting data & evidence
  • CLASS ACTIVITY: practical application of theory in simulated case studies
  • PRACTICAL: Assisted application of the theory of the element in the workplace

DAY 7 – Framework Module:

  • Identify obstacles regarding the business and B-BBEE process.
  • Understanding the Transformation Scale
  • Identify where the business pegs on the Transformation Scale
  • Understanding the importance of the Integrated Sustainable Operational Governance Model
  • CLASS ACTIVITY: Consolidate all class activities to conclude the final B-BBEE status of a company
  • PRACTICAL: Apply theoretical understanding of the B-BBEE Scorecard to the workplace

DAY 8 – Summative Assessment:

  •  Final compilation of company’s B-BBEE status and findings on risks and opportunities identified per element in the B-BBEE Scorecard.
  • Presentation of your company’s B-BBEE Report and final Score findings

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