BEE Fundamentals – Understanding The Amended BEE Codes – Cape Town

The foundational course the covers all the basics and the perfect place to start

Course details

Date: 24 March 2017
Time: 08h30 – 16h00
33 Martin Hammersclag Way, 4th Floor, Foreshore, Cape Town
Cost: R2,000 ex VAT

Alexandra Soare

BEESA Consultant & Analyst

“Alexander has a BA in Business, Commerce and Management and has dedicated the last 10 years to assisting businesses in the implementation and management of B-BBEE. Alex is a specialist in the strategic business approach as it relates to B-BBEE and serves as a Senior B-BBEE Consult on the national BEESA Business Services team.

This is the basics workshop on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) that you have been missing!

BEESA has been in the business of providing B-BBEE consulting and training for over a decade. As a result, we have encountered most situations as they may relate to B-BBEE and its implementation. We have discovered a common challenge that many of those trying to implement B-BBEE are facing and that is that they have either never read the Codes of Good Practice or for those that have, many have found it to be a challenging read, further complicated by negative emotional sentiment and varying interpretive issues.

With this workshop, we simplify the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice through an understandable presentation where we promote questions and discussion. We also cover many of the interpretive issues that are faced in real-world implementation along with ways that these can be dealt with.

This workshop is a must for anyone newly tasked with the implementation or management of B-BBEE in their business or those seeking a better understanding of the NEW B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

This workshop will include:

  1. A presentation of the detail of each of the B-BBEE Elements
  2. An explanation of Old vs New B-BBEE Codes
  3. The effects of contributions to one or multiple categories on the B-BBEE Scorecard
  4. An explanation of everything to do with targets
  5. Basic calculations behind each B-BBEE Element
  6. Questions and answers

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